Q: What exactly is the Universal Marking Fluid?

A: This is a marking liquid that contains a unique "DNA" or chemical fingerprint that is unique to each client worldwide. The fluid is permanent, invisible, and yet immediately detectable in the presence of UV light, and forensically traceable.

Q: Is the product totally secure?

A: Yes, this is a totally secure forensic coding solution that cannot be analysed without prior knowledge of the unique codes.

Q: How do I know if an asset has been marked?

A: The marking fluid contains an Ultraviolet (UV) base. This UV fluoresces in the presence of UV light, signaling that the asset has been marked.

Q: Does the UV component fade over time?

A: The UV component can fade over time if subjected to large amounts of sunlight. For this reason, we recommend that outdoor assets are marked in shaded areas that are not exposed directly to sunlight over prolonged periods.

Q: Is the fluid easy to apply and is it quick drying?

A: Yes.

Q: How long does the fluid take to dry?

A: The fluid is touch dry within 1 to 2 hours of application.

A: Complete curing takes place within approximately 24 hours, and is dependent on moisture levels in the environment.


Q: Can the mark be removed?

A: No. Once dried, the marks are almost always impossible to completely remove.

Q: Can the mark be removed with solvent?

A: No

Q: Can the "DNA" component be destroyed by fire, chemicals, or environmental conditions?

A: No. The chemical fingerprint ("DNA") will survive indefinite tough environmental conditions and is heat resistant up to 1800 degrees Celsius.

Q: What surfaces can it be applied to?

A: All porous surfaces such as plastic, rubber, leather, vinyl, wood, and most metals including tool steel. The product etches into porous surfaces. Very smooth and highly polished surfaces such as glass and stainless steel are difficult to apply to. With these types of surfaces, we look for edges or grooves where there is a break in the polished surface.

Q: Does the mark fade or "yellow" over time?

A: No.

Q: What is the typical size of a mark?

A: This depends on your specific requirements and can vary from 5mm diameter to any size.

Q: How many assets can be marked?

A: Typically, 8000 assets can be marked with 1 litre of Universal marking fluid, using a mark of 15mm in diameter.

Q: How much of the mark is required to be forensically analysed?

A: Only a micro sample, typically a pinhead size is required.


Q: Will this benefit me?

A: If your business has physical or theft risk assets and stock in trade, and if your business experiences a loss of assets or stock shrinkage, then this will be beneficial to your business.

Q: What are the main benefits?

A: Once assets are marked, there will be a significant reduction in theft of assets, and in a short space of time, when accompanied with an awareness campaign. Essentially the marking system provides a mechanism to make criminals think twice as there is now a mechanism in place to be caught and to be convicted.

Q: What are the overall benefits?

•  The most cost effective asset marking system.
•  Simple implementation.
•  Instant identification and verification of marked assets.
•  Proves ownership.
•  Significantly increases the perceived risk of stealing a company's assets.
•  Reduces the likelihood of stealing.
•  Significantly improves the chances of catching and convicting criminals.
•  Eliminates dishonest staff and attracts honest employees.
•  Easy to integrate into existing security systems.
•  Can significantly reduce counterfeiting and product diversion.
•  Enhanced brand protection.
•  Better measurement of asset loss and stock shrinkage.
•  Lower insurance premiums.
•  Assists the process of retrieval of assets.


Q: What assets are typically marked?

A: Any movable asset that has a risk of being removed, stolen, copied, or diverted. This can range from small industrial tools and equipment and heavy duty plant and machinery, to cables, commodities, gems, jewellery, and works of art.  Assets such as wild animals, cattle, plants, and trees have been marked extensively in the past.

Q: Where do we start marking?

A: AUST GUARD  provides guidelines and support on how to implement the marking system.  

Q: Should the marking be accompanied with an additional strategy?

A: Yes. We recommend an awareness campaign for both employees and contractors where relevant. This includes the provision of signage, stickers, identification devices, and internal and external communications. AUST GUARD assists with the provision of accessories and implementation of effective awareness campaigns that complement the marking of assets.

Q: How does the strategy work?

A: To summarise, this strategy combines the elements of physically marking your assets and stock with an invisible liquid that contains your unique chemical fingerprint, together with optional systems of categorising and counting your assets, recording them into an asset register, advertising your assets as marked, educating and making staff aware of the programme, measuring shrinkage, and promoting a theft prevention culture in your business.

Q: Are there any License fees?

A: No, there are no annual charges or renewal fees.

Q: What do we pay for?

A: The costs of the various products.

Q: Are there any other charges?

A: Should AUST GUARD assist with the actual implementation such as marking of assets, this will be charged on a time and resource basis.


Q: What if we need to dispose of assets?

A: A specially colour coded fluid is offered for application on to assets that are to be disposed of.

Q: What if the marks are painted over?

A: The UV component is visible through paints, and will show through.


Q: Who has used the Universal marking fluid and the forensic marking systems?

A: Hundreds of businesses, including multinational mining operations, public listed companies, City and town Councils, public sector organisations, non-government organisations, and conservation organisations.